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Vision and Goal

To realize the economic, social and environmental potential of bamboo and fiber utilizing present and future resources to sustainably contribute to improve ecological and livelihood development needs of the State.

Key Objectives:

  • To promote growth and sustainable management of bamboo both in natural forests and cultivation under Community based plantation and production models (such as Van Panchayats/ Joint forest management/ ongoing watershed projects; social and agro forestry programmes) with concomitant benefits to forest conservation and industrial development.
  • To develop new generation, environment friendly bamboo and fiber based products, processes, practices and technology by giving impetus to innovative design capabilities, testing methodologies, fabrication and standardization techniques with a view towards increased trade in domestic and export markets.
  • To popularize bamboo as a cost-effective and earth-quake resistant building material to meet the housing and other infrastructural needs of the State especially since it lies in a high-seismic zone.
  • To empower and upgrade the skills of grass-roots artisan and farmer groups on various bamboo and fiber production and processing techniques.
  • To develop market driven, market-linked bamboo and natural fiber community- based enterprises and cottage industries so as to clearly focus on providing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in remote rural areas.
  • To enhance inter-institutional industry interaction in the domestic and international arenas for technology sourcing, absorption and dissemination; while also improving industry-lab-user linkages for collaborative technology development and transfer.

To mobilize donor agencies, industrial houses and community-based organizations on the vast potential of bamboo and natural fibers.