Seasonal Grass

Seasonal Grass Saccharum spontaneum, Linn. (Kansi), Saccharum munja (Munj or Sarkanda), Typha elephantina (Pateri) etc. are some of the seasonal grasses/leaves that grow wild in the Tarai region of [...]

Natural Fibers:

Natural Fibers Fibers of both plant and animal origins have been utilized since the beginning of human civilization. They have been used to provide shelter and clothing to shield [...]

Ringal (Hill Bamboo)

Ringal (Hill Bamboo) Another group of bamboo- A.falconerii (Dev Ringal), A.falcata (Gol Rinagl) A.jaunsarensis (Jamura Ringal) and Thamnocalamus spathiflora (Tham Ringal) occur throughout the temperate forest of the State. [...]


Bamboo Bamboo grows 3 times faster and can be harvested 4 times as often as Eucalyptus. It yields 6 times more cellulose than fast growing trees. Future demand [...]